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The fruits grow at the end of a long, stringlike stem (the former panicle), with sometimes two or more fruits to a stem. The fruits are 2 to 9 inches long and may be kidney shaped, ovate or (rarely) round. They range in size from 8 ounces to around 24 ounces. The flower scar at the apex is prominent, in some cultivars bulging from the fruit. The leathery skin is waxy and smooth, and when ripe completely pale green or yellow marked with red, according to cultivar. It is inedible and contains a sap that is irritating to some people. The quality of the fruit is based on the scarcity of fiber and minimal turpentine taste.

The flesh of a mango is peachlike and juicy, with more or less numerous fibers radiating from the husk of the single large kidney-shaped seed. Fibers are more pronounced in fruits grown with hard water and chemical fertilizers. The flavor is pleasant and rich and high in sugars and acid. The seed may either have a single embryo, generating one seedling, or polyembryonic, producing several seedlings that are identical but not always true to the parent type. It is impossible to distinguish true-to-type from zygotic seedlings from the same fruit. Some seedlings produce numerous tiny, parthenocarpic fruits which fail to develop and abort. Mango trees tend to be alternate bearing. werbemittel weihnachten

Mangoes grow in a variety of shapes (oblong, kidney and round) and sizes (from 6 ounces to 4 pounds). Their thin, tough, green skin turns yellow with red spots as it ripens. The flesh is a juicy, outstanding orange -- if you can carve it off the large flat seed. Green mango is the unripe fruit, which has many uses in the cuisines of India, Malaysia, and Thailand.

mango candies are very popular in world mangoes are best for candies making ! werbemittel weihnachten

A tropical Asian evergreen tree (Mangifera indica) cultivated for its edible fruit.
The ovoid fruit of this tree, having a sleek rind, sweet juicy flesh, and a flat one-seeded stone. It is eaten ripe or pickled when green.
Any of various types of pickle, especially a pickled stuffed sweet pepper.mostly mango produce in India , Pakistan, Brazil, Bangladesh etc.
mango is also use to make desserts on christmas day. 
from mango you  can make or bake candies. werbemittel weihnachten